Mini-survey Masters

This mini-survey could be found online till July 15th 2015. Results will be published by the end of September.

Text below was used to invite graduates to participate in the survey:
The start of your career, that is what we are curious about.   Did you obtain your MSc in biology or biomedical sciences in the past three years please fill in this mini-survey. We are interested in which job you have found. The results allow the Master's programmes to prepare students even better for the labour market. NIBI uses the data you provide to further professionalize information about career possibilities. 

We hope you have found a nice job in biology or biomedical sciences shortly after your graduation. But also if you are working in a different field we would like to know. We have composed a small survey and therefore are asking only three minutes of your time. The results of this survey you will receive in your mailbox but there is more. NIBI enables you to present yourself (anonymously) in our journal Bionieuws in the new section Bio-baan gezocht (Looking for a bio-job). Nice if you are planning the next step in your career. In the survey you can indicate whether you would like this or not. If so we will contact you.